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0. About Moemn Work Co.

0.1 Our story
0.2 Our General Policy

1.Definitions and Nominations

1.1 Moemn Work Group
1.2 Moemn Work Co.
1.3 You, Customer
1.4 Content
1.5 Services
1.6 Terms and Conditions
1.7 Trademarks

2. User obligations

2.1 The Use Of this site & services
2.2 Projects we do not do
2.3 General controls

3. Financial Transactions

3.1 Public Finance Policy
3.2 Fees
3.3 Policy Pricing
3.4 Supplier / Representative Pricing
3.5 Money Back Guarantee
3.6 Compensation

4. Legal reference

4.1 Property rights
4.2 Copyright Permission
4.3 Scope of responsibility
4.4 Judicial reference
4.5 Blocking Access
4.6 Canceling Service Flow
4.7 Contract renewal
4.8 Guarantees
4.9 Suspension by judicial order
4.10 Modification of Items or Locations
4.11 Staff abuse
4.12 Defamation and false accusation
4.13 Contract Cancellation

5.Backups and Domain Information

6.Technical Support

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About Moemn Work Corporation:
Moemn Work Corporation was established in 2010 to serve a large sector of business and industrial.
Through the provision of services and packages integrated in the field of project management from the analysis of business and systems and the establishment and design of sites and hosting end to the recruitment and restructuring of companies, small, medium and enterprises using the latest technology in this area and with the establishment of several strategic partnerships with major international companies around the world to ensure the best quality services.
We are committed to our position as one of the largest IT companies in the Middle East.
Our study of the booming domestic and international market, which lasted almost three years before the launch of the company's activities, contributed directly and effectively to achieving our main objectives by creating new ideas and identity that compete with many existing companies and provide solutions and services to the business and industrial sector.
One of the main reasons for the successes we have achieved the excellent staff we have and the many partnerships that we have built with many international companies, as well as the continuous search for bright names to cooperate with them.

Our Policy:

Moemn Work Co. is committed to providing its services with the highest quality and the best of the latest technology through a qualified staff, scientifically and practically through a technical support staff equipped with the latest technology and many global partnerships to ensure the delivery of high quality services while maintaining the highest degree of security and confidentiality of data.


Please carefully read the terms and conditions below before using (our site, services, applications).
These General Terms and Conditions constitute the rules governing your presence / traffic / use of our website or any of our services. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions below, you should immediately cease using the Site and / or any offers or services. If you continue to use the Site in any form, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use including all policies, guidelines and directives, knowing that these Terms do not modify the terms and conditions contained in any other agreements or contracts written in any form and entered into with Moemn work Co. or Moemn Work Group.

1. Definitions and Nominations:

1.1 "Moemn Work Group

Digital Group for Digital Contracting located in Egypt - Cairo.

1.2 Moemn Work Co., We, Our, The Company, Us

A digital Corporation derived from Moemn Work Group, specialized in business solutions, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Eastern Region.

1.3 "You, Customer"

Means a client of an Moemn Work Co. insured business or Moemn Work Group derivative customer.

1.4 "Content"

All data, information and materials including but not limited to text, images, graphics, software, videos, music, sounds and graphics.

1.5 "Services"

Services provided by Moemn Work Co. including the sending, receiving, storing, processing, publishing, blocking, information or data in all its forms, images, text, audio and video, and any form issued or may not be issued by or through its sites or through its headquarters or through its representatives.

1.6"Terms and Conditions"

These terms and conditions govern the use of services provided by Moemn Work


Moemn Work Co.  in accordance with their form, design, logos, symbols, collections and related graphics.

2. User obligations

2.1 The use of the Site and the services provided through the Site shall be in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the specific legal procedures, including but not limited to:

2.1.1 Not to transmit, receive, store, process, publish, any content that may be unlawful or infringing on intellectual property rights (including copyrights).

2.1.2 No use of the Site and / or Services for advertisements or offers for the sale of any goods or services for any commercial purposes without obtaining approval written by Moemn Work Co.

2.1.3 Do not send, receive, store, process, publish or distributing any electronic content (including viruses) through the Site, which may cause or is likely to cause harm or harm to a Moemn Work Co. Or to any third party.

2.1.4 Do not attempt to illegally access any of our services or other accounts or computer systems or networks connected to any of our services through piracy or other means.

2.1.5 Do not disclosure of sensitive information, personal information or any other information that may identify the user.

2.1.6 Do not participation through our services or the services of our representatives in illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Arab Republic of Egypt.

2.1.7 Do not Perform any action that imposes a large or inappropriate load or threatens the infrastructure of the Customer Service Gateways and the servers and / or devices of the Moemn Work Co.

2.1.8 Do not publish, post or circulate any material or information that contains a distortion of reputation or a violation of the laws.

2.1.9 Do not advertise - on our sites - our forums - our representative websites - our representative forums - for any product or service that makes us in violation of any law or regulation applied in any field.

2.1.10 Do not use of the electronic services provided on our sites - the sites of our representatives in a non-serious manner and deliberately abuse them.

2.2 We do not deal with projects that contain the following:

2.2.1 Projects that are contrary to the teachings of the divine religions, especially the Islamic religion.

2.2.2 Projects that promote hackers and hacking.

2.2.3 Spam projects and spam messages that are not expected by the other party.

2.2.4 Projects based on fraud, financial or digital fraud, gambling and fraud planning.

2.2.5 Projects concerning pornography and / or child pornography and / or the circulation of obscene material and / or messages with obscene, offensive or pornographic content for any purpose.

2.2.6 Projects dealing with illegal materials: This includes copyrighted works and programs, commercial sounds, video or audio files, and any material that conflicts with the laws and regulations of any legitimate government or organization, or is not authorized to use it in whole or in part, or that it is not from Your right to publish it, infringe on the intellectual property rights of others or infringe any other proprietary rights.

2.2.7 Projects that use unauthorized programs and scripts to use all or some of them for the purpose of harassing or threatening other persons, threatening physical harm or harming individuals or groups.

2.3 General controls:

2.3.1 Arabic is the main language of our legal use.

2.3.2 English is the main language of our commercial uses and what follows.

2.3.3 We try as much as possible to provide our services and products in Arabic and English. However, only we have the right to choose the language of dealing with the customer.

2.3.4 All the regulations and laws published on our websites or the websites of our representatives may be subject to translation to interpret their meaning in order to increase the client's chance to communicate. However, the Arabic text of all these regulations and laws constitutes the basic reference, and therefore cannot be relied upon to interpret any information or details in any legal use.

2.3.5 We has the full right to delete or not post any comments or posts to site users that Site Management deems inappropriate.

2.3.6 The User shall be fully responsible to the competent authorities for any materials or files he uploads on our websites.

2.3.7 If there is any problem in browsing our website or having any inquiry, please contact

2.4 User Information

The user is obliged to give all information required of him to Moemn Work Co. Such as name, address and all other information required on registration forms and requests through our websites, offices or sites or offices of our representatives.

The user shall be liable at any time for any misstatement or misrepresentation, any fraud or misrepresentation or misuse of the services of Moemn Work Co. Violation of the current Terms of Service will directly suspend or terminate the account with Moemn Work Co. Without prejudice to any financial compensation to be paid to Moemn Work Co. Or any other compensation as a result of the breach of contract by the user.

3. Financial Transactions:

3.1 Public Finance Policy:

3.1.1 Although our organization follows a firm approach in managing its financial resources, we give our customers a measure of confidence and capacity as is the case. Therefore, payment methods have been diversified and extended, as indicated in the contract.

3.1.2 Although our service prices are estimated and / or shown in US Dollars (USD), we accept from our valued customers any other currency equivalent to the US Dollar (USD) against the local currency of the Client at the date of signing the Contract.

3.1.3 Service prices are not subject to discussion or negotiation. However, we value our valued customers and offer special discounts to each customer individually or to all customers. These discounts are only granted through our financial management and no one has the right to dispose of or prevent them. Without the direct authorization of financial management.

3.2 Fees:

3.2.1 Moemn Work Co. is entitled to impose fees on the services provided by the website or its executors through its representatives. It is also entitled to non-compliance with the previous prices and fees in the end contracts. Neither their customers nor their representatives nor any other party shall force us to impose Fees for a certain service without the other, no fees at all, or the cost or reduction of the fees, unless the laws and regulations governing this service are in violation.

3.2.2 The Client / User acknowledges that he will be fully responsible for paying any fees which may be requested by Moemn Work Co. at the agreed rate whether it is fixed in a contract, invoice, receipt, receipt, or check.

3.2.3 The Client acknowledges that he is aware that Moemn Work Co. is a digital organization not a local legal entity at the date of writing this document and that any expenses paid through us may or may not be accepted in its tax expenses despite We will provide invoices for these expenses, and if a legal entity is assigned to us, we will be subject to the laws governing these works in the same country of origin. This clause is a prerequisite for maintaining the relationship between us and the customer.

3.2.4 Moemn Work Co. has the right to withdraw, deduct, collect, or debit from the user's credit card account or to recover the debt using any other means, including the refund of advance payments due for any services or products offered through an enterprise website Moemn Work Co. Or the sites of its authorized representatives through this website only upon acceptance of the service request. The user is responsible for paying all other applicable charges Moemn Work Co. for the service / product.

3.2.5 We activate the services after we receive 100% of the agreed amount, or 50% two payments within 5 days from the date of receipt of the first payment, and in the event of failure to reach the amount we apologize for providing the service to the customer, this means the customer to pay the financial dues associated with the process Payment if any.

3.2.6 We shall commit ourselves to a certain period of work in the contract of operation and any delay resulting from the provision of the service to the customer. We shall commit to a financial compensation not exceeding 20% ​​of the advance payment, in addition to a new date for the delivery and delivery of the service. For any reason on the part of the client we do not commit to any financial dues or compensation in any form and the client is charged for each day of delay produced by a party with a full working day.

3.2.7 In the event that the Customer does not pay the amounts due to him, we are entitled to discontinue any other service we provide to him, until all the dues are paid (4.5).

3.2.8 The customer shall be notified by mail of financial transactions at least two weeks prior to the maturity date. Payment shall be made before the due date in 24 hours and in case of renewal of service, 48 hours.

3.2.9 Availability (3.2.7) If the customer does not pay the amount on the due date, all services provided to the customer will be suspended for 5 days in order to pay, and if he is unable to pay during the grace period, Is entitled to claim any backup copies during such downtime.

3.3 Policy Pricing:

3.3.1 At Moemn Work Co. we believe that you should not be forced to pay for services you do not need, and that all or some of our services and / or products are customizable and modified by project budget. Or the customer's budget, we do not offer a fixed price for the services and products, except for certain services and / or products provided by us to third parties or third parties, for example, but not limited to (customized and targeted ads) Ie their representatives or representatives, where they must publicize the costs to the user in the context of our instructions to them.

3.3.2 In accordance with paragraph 3.3.1, Moemn Work Co. shall issue different pricing for the same service or product according to each project and its budget. The special features will vary with the price difference so that two jobs may not receive the same service at the same price and advantages in the presence of Two different budgets, and the institution has the right to give up the latter condition in the interests of its interests and the interests of its clients or representatives.

3.3.3 The prices vary according to the location of the client provided for the service.

3.3.4 We have the right to assign price ranges to different regions of the world according to their interests and / or the interests of their customers and / or their representatives.

3.3.5 The Board of Directors of Moemn Work Group has the right to amend the pricing policy to the benefit of the Group provided that the members of the Board agree on the amendment and the Research and Investigation Committee.

3.4 Supplier / Representative Pricing:

3.4.1 Vendor / Representative pricing varies by region and therefore the supplier / representative is entitled to adjust the price by no more than 2.5% profit margin and 2.5 currency margin and if there is a dispute with Moemn Work Co.

3.5 Money Back Guarantee:

3.5.1 Money Back Guarantee: In case of dissatisfaction with the service / product, you are entitled to recover your money within a certain period of time to give you the opportunity to experience our services / products without any fear.

3.5.2 Financial Management Decision Moemn Work Co No. 1/010 / EM, signed on 15/1/2010, the period of guarantee of refund of the political elements is 30 days from the date of the first installment.

3.5.3 Some of our services / products are subject to the policy of guaranteeing refunds when the customer is not satisfied with the service provided. Referring to paragraph 3.5.1, these items (services / products) are subject to the following conditions: Do not be (Service / Product) damaged making reselling difficult or impossible. The Service (s) shall not be held in person such as (domain name - identification cards - advertising posters, etc.). You shall not be (a service / product) provided by a third party that does not accept the policy of refund. The Service or Product shall not already be submitted to a third party pursuant to Customer's requests. Have not exhausted any resources for their performance (eg web design, distribution of advertising publications, etc.) The loss shall not be of any kind to the Corporation or its representatives or the providers of the services and products.

3.6 Compensation:

3.6.1 By using any of our services and / or products and / or our website / sites, our representative sites in any form, you acknowledge that no action has been taken against a business insurer or a business group or any of its management or any of its trademarks and disclaims any responsibility. Agents, agents or agents who are responsible for the management, maintenance, updating or provision of services or products for the benefit of the enterprise or group, from all obligations and responsibilities that may arise in connection with any claim arising from any breach by you of the terms and conditions of use or any of the laws In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Or the Arab Republic of Egypt or where you reside.

4. Legal reference:

4.1 Property rights:

This site is managed by Moemn Work Co. and members of the International Society for the Protection of the Internet, and all materials contained in this portal, including graphic images of information, software and data (contents) are protected by copyright, trademarks and other forms of property rights.

As the site aims to sell services or products or disseminate information in order to raise awareness and enrich culture about business solutions systems, users of the site and its visitors may, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, use the information available on the site for non-profit use Site and any information posted on it; it should be noted that Moemn Work Co.'s sites, portals or forums are the source of such content and information, and the reference to intellectual property shall be solely and / or in accordance with the content.

4.2 For any and all of the foregoing (4.1), it is not permitted in any way to sell, license, lease, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, advertise, transfer, distribute, publicly display, edit or create derivative works of any material Contents of this site to the public or for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Moemn Work. The graphics and images in these sites are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written consent of Moemn Work Co.

4.3 Scope of responsibility:

4.3.1 The services we provide, whether electronic or non-electronic, the first and last goal is to facilitate the performance of work and save time and effort to the customer may include the collection of certain information about the customer from some government departments and non-governmental to disregard the paperwork, That Internet communications may be interfered with or interfered with by others, despite the security and security policy of our information, the process of storing passwords and sensitive data is the client's first and foremost - read the privacy policy of importance.

 Therefore, the use of our sites or the sites of our representatives remains at your own risk, and we are not in any way responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that may be caused by your misuse of these sites and for any misuse that may result in any delay in operation or stall Connectivity or problems accessing the Internet or hardware or software failures.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that your sole and exclusive remedy for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of your access or misuse of these sites is to refrain from using or accessing them and not to continue to do so.

4.3.2 Moemn Work Co. reserves the right to retain any amounts paid to any site that has been canceled due to its violation of any of these terms, obligations or policies and to reject, cancel or suspend the Service as it deems fit.

4.4 Judicial reference:

4.4.1 By using any of the services, products and / or websites of Moemn Work Co. and / or the Moemn Work Group, you acknowledge that you are fully aware that Moemn Work Co. And / or "Moemn Work Group" are not legal entities registered until 2017 and are not subject to any tax authority registered, and to reassure our valued customers that any claims or disputes that may arise - God forbid - are the jurisdiction of the judicial reference in item 4.4.2 .

4.4.2 Judicial reference in respect of all claims and disputes arising out of your use of any of the services, products and / or sites of Moemn Work Co. and / or the Moemn Work Group, Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabic language will be the official language used to resolve any disputes arising out of your use of any of the services and / or products and / or websites of the Moemn Work Co. And / or "Moemn Work Group" or any of their contents.

4.5 Block access to the site or stop the flow of the service:

In our sole discretion, we may terminate, restrict or suspend your right to access / use our sites / sites of our representatives / services / products without any prior notice and for any reason including violation of terms and conditions of use or any other conduct we may deem unlawful or harmful In the event of termination, you will not be authorized to access / use our sites / sites of our representatives / services / products, and in the event of any objection from the client, a formal complaint must be submitted to our legal administration by e-mail ( A fact-finding committee will be formed to hear the client's statements E must obey its orders and their implementation as ruled, and if the conflict continues the customer can approach the competent judicial authorities, and not before.

4.6 Cancel Service Flow:

Moemn Work shall be a sole arbitrator in violation of any of the above rules and conditions and also has the authority to cancel the Customer Service at any time and for any reason and the Customer is not entitled to claim any amounts paid.

4.7 Renewal of service contract:

Moemn Work Co.'s service contracts are renewed automatically, meaning that if the contract expires, the contract is renewed automatically for a similar period and the user is obliged to pay the fees due for the renewal. If the fees due for renewal are not paid within 24 hours of the new contract, Moemn Work Co. The service will be temporarily suspended until the fees are paid. There will be a fee of US $ 100 for re-opening the site for subscribers, US $ 400 for private and joint servers upon delay of payment and US $ 35 for each day of delay. In case of delay for more than 10 days, the service is permanently canceled and Moemn Work Co. does not assume any liability for damage to the Lessee as a result of such termination and cancellation.

4.8 Guarantees

Moemn Work Co. provides its services and products on an as-and-so basis without any warranties relating to its continuation, success, content, validity or other warranties and does not guarantee that the Service will be continuous, uninterrupted, error free or timed. Nor does it guarantee the intended, expected or anticipated consequences of Customer's use of the Service.

The Digital Servers Center is trying to do its best to deliver the services in the best possible way and to be a great performer. Moemn Work Co. shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from the misuse of the Customer.

4.9 Suspension by judicial order:

The site is suspended if there is a formal complaint against it, which requires that the site be temporarily suspended. The client will be notified and a copy of the complaint will be sent if Moemn Work Co. can obtain it.

All of our customer information is subject to strict privacy, and we do not provide it to anyone unless you are legally required to do so.

4.10 Modification of Items or Locations of this site:

4.10.1 Moemn Work Co. reserves the right to modify, change or update these Terms and Conditions from time to time when it deems appropriate without the need for any notice or notice. The continued use of the Site and / or any of its services and / or products after making any changes or modifications to these terms is considered to be the consent and explicit acceptance by the user of such changes or modifications.

4.10.2 Moemn Work Co. reserves the right to suspend the Site (or any part thereof) - temporarily or permanently at any time without notice. No liability to the user or any third party for the suspension or separation of the site (or any part thereof).

4.11 Abuse of our staff or staff of our representatives:

All employees and officials of Moemn Work Co. and its representatives are highly trained and qualified personnel, so Moemn Work Co. will not tolerate or tolerate any of its employees. In the event that any employee or employees of its representatives are harmed in any way during the formal working hours. If the employee is harmed by an employee, he may immediately approach the complaints department to present his problem, "family problems and problems on which there is no evidence" To ensure quality of service and not to harass our customers, we apply a very strict system to monitor our employees' transactions with customers. We record, retain and archive all calls in accordance with privacy policy.

4.12 Defamation and false accusation:

Any misrepresentation or false accusation of Moemn Work Co. or its representatives, we have the right to take any strict action against the person charged with this charge or defamation, and shall bear the cost of repairing the damages and the associated fees, if any.

4.13 Cancellation of Contract:

If the customer wishes to cancel the contract, he must contact Moemn Work Co. by mail or by telephone at least 10 days before the end of the contract to cancel the contract.

5. Backups and Domain Information:

5.1 We make backup copies of all sites on our servers, but the maintenance of data and files on the site is the responsibility of the customer first and foremost, and we are not responsible for the loss or loss of backup sites.

5.2 In some hosting plans, a copy of the circular is sent directly to the e-mail provided by it or assigned to us by us.

5.3 The client will be selected if he wants a copy of his site files (weekly, monthly, semi-annually, yearly) at a nominal cost, similar to the transfer of content indicated or added to the plan.

5.4 In the case of non-payment of hosting charges before the due date, the customer is not entitled to claim any backup of the site.

5.5 We are not responsible for the loss or loss of the domain due to non-renewal of the client to host on time.

5.6 If you wish to transfer the domain to another company, you must notify us not less than 65 days after the date of termination.

5.7 If you do not wish to renew, Moemn Work will deliver the customer in its own control panel after payment of all shipping charges of US $ 65 or international price at the time of transfer.

5.8 In the case of special design, after the completion of the design and the full delivery of a week, all the excess material - the customer - is not retained, and the customer is not entitled to claim it. Only one backup - the final work - can be claimed by the customer. After paying a fee of $ 30. (Not including some clients plans).

5.9 If the design is amended or the amendments are claimed after the completion of the project, the amendments shall be calculated according to the agreement. All data shall be disposed of after 12 hours of delivery. The customer shall not be entitled to claim any backup copy after 24 hours.


5.10 In the case of the special design of "Scripts Word press", we provide the client with a copy of the site in full, not only the design, and paragraph 5.2 regarding the backup, and all additions used in the site are free or paid.

6. Technical Support:

6.1 Any emergency problem that occurs to the server due to circumstances beyond our control or due to natural disasters, we will endeavor to resolve them as soon as possible, and the customer is not entitled to claim any financial compensation.

6.2 If you do not pay the hosting charges before the due date, or in the grace period (5 days), we apologize for providing technical support to the customer.

6.3 Any problems the customer faces in his or her location due to his Internet service provider or problems with his personal computer. We are not concerned with this type of problem, except that we have technicians ready to help our clients at the earliest opportunity either by telephone or by going to the customer's place, The cost of repair and assistance is calculated separately or added to an independent invoice.

6.4 Moemn Work provides the client with one week free of charge from the ongoing technical support service. He can then purchase one of the technical support packages through the end of the week (not including the Golden Plan customer).

6.5 Some hosting plans are provided with free ongoing technical support and check your plan from your service officer.

6.6 Moemn Work Co provides the client with English-language video clips produced entirely by professional experts.