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3X Faster3X More secureUp to 8GB RAMExpect MORE With Our Managed Hosting 

Whether you are a fan of WordPress, Joomla, Amazing social network or OpenCart , it does not matter, We have a Solution of everyone.

Extreme Speed

Built on our revolutionary VPS platform, enjoy a custom architecture engineered to deliver unprecedented performance

Free CloudFlare CDN

Distribute your Site content so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site).

Private SSL & IP

Brand your business using your own company DNS
SSL encrypts confidential data such as credit card information and passwords. An SSL is required if your site will be processing credit card information

Virus scan and Malware removal

We offer free virus scan and malware removal service to keep your CMS website and emails safe.

Free Domain

Every one of our hosting service comes with a Free Domain Name for the fist year of your hosting with us.

SSD Only

Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-ssd hosting providers!.

1-Click Auto-Installer

Unmetered Traffic


Create new email accounts, manage subdomains, and so much more, all with the click of a button..

Daily Backups

24/7 Support

Data Mirroring

Cloud hosting automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and redundancy..

Integrated Caching

Your page will load faster from the cloud due to an optimal caching configuration, custom-built for speed!.

Automated Failover

If a hardware device falters, your site is rapidly switched over to another device to provide maximum uptime for your site.

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Unlimited Email Accounts

Why are there no prices on our website?

In short, ,We believes you Don't have to pay for what You don't need.
Read more about Moemn Work Group pricing policy 

A Plane For Everyone.


  • 5 GB SSD Space
  • 5 GB Database Backups
  • Up To 3 Sites
  • Global CDN
  • Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 500k Visits Per Month
  • Annual payment only

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  • 35GB SSD Space
  • Daily Backups
  • Up To 5 Sites
  • Global CDN
  • Let's Encrypt SSL
  • SiteLock Pro
  • 100 Million Visits Per Month
  • Annual payment only

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  • 120 GB SSD Space
  • 6 CPU Core
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Daily Backups
  • Multiple Websites
  • SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro
  • Positive SSL
  • SiteLock Pro
  • 600 Million Visits Per Month
  • Annual ,Semi-annual or Monthly payment

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  • 240 GB SSD Space
  • 8 CPU Core
  • 8GB RAM
  • Daily Backups
  • Multiple Websites
  • SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro
  • SiteLock Enterprise
  • Positive Wildcard SSL
  • Unlimited Visits Per Month
  • Annual ,Semi-annual or Monthly payment

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Most Asked Questions

Unlike shared hosting, our Managed hosting server environment was designed specifically with CMS in mind. This means you can enjoy faster page times (up to 1 second faster), a higher level of protection against Content management system(CMS)-specific attacks, and automatic updates. A safer, faster site makes everyone happy!

If you plan to grow your blog or business for more traffic (and who isn't?), then the benefits of Managed hosting are well worth it. Even if you're starting with something basic today, opting for a managed hosting environment now gives you a reliable foundation to expand on in the future when you're ready.
Definitely. we offers FREE site transfers for new accounts within 30 days of signup. We're committed to making web hosting easy and stress-free!

At the moment you can not book our services directly from the site but we are working on this to be available soon.

Our in-house team is on hand 24/7 to not only solve technical issues, but to offer the guidance you need to succeed online. Just give us a ring.