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Founded in 2010

Moemn Work Corporation was established in 2010 to serve a large sector of business and industrial businesses.

Through the provision of services and packages integrated in the field of project management from the analysis of business and systems and the establishment and design of sites and hosting end to the recruitment and restructuring of companies, small, medium and enterprises using the latest technology in this area and with the establishment of several strategic partnerships with major international companies around the world to ensure the best quality services.

We are committed to our position as one of the largest IT companies in the Middle East.

Our study of the booming domestic and international market, which lasted almost three years before the launch of the company's activities, contributed directly and effectively to achieving our main objectives by creating new ideas and identity that compete with many existing companies and provide solutions and services to the business and industrial sector.

One of the main reasons for the successes we have achieved the excellent staff we have and the many partnerships that we have built with many international companies, as well as the continuous search for bright names to cooperate with them.

Although Moemn Work is a small contracting firm, it is an integral part of the Moemn Work Group, which is independent in its administrative and executive structure, and is a joint venture of the Assets and the Supreme Administrative Council.


Our Policy

We are committed to providing our services with the highest quality and the best of the latest technology through a qualified staff, scientifically and practically through a technical support staff equipped with the latest technology and many global partnerships to ensure the delivery of high quality services while maintaining the highest degree of security and confidentiality of data.


Our vision

Our ability and core competency lie in our ability to understand market variables and customer requirements, and to adapt to the challenges of rapid changes in the IT industry and to meet them by hiring and training the best of staff and a constant lack of local talent.


Our Mission To always strive to make a difference! :


Our Employee

Through continuous development and support from the first moment to the end of the employment contract, we believe that knowledge is right for everyone.


Our Client

Through full transparency in all our dealings and always keep the client informed and continuous advise him for what it's returns the maximum benefit.


Our Community

Through continuous education and awareness of the community and the establishment of free educational conferences and seminars for the next youth on the labor market, and donation to associations and development institutions to promote the local and international community